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Mr and Mrs Mciver

The first image captures the bride adjusting her dress, and it marks a pivotal shift in the atmosphere. Up until that point, the mood had been light, celebratory, and filled with anticipation. The bride was surrounded by her sisters, friends, and mother, their laughter and excitement echoing through the room. The weight of the day hadn’t fully settled on her shoulders yet. All photos by Ottawa Wedding Photographer Sara.

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Black and white photograph of a bride looking in the mirror adjusting her dress Ottawa Photographer Wedding

But then, as she stood there adjusting her gown, something changed. The realization hit her: this was it. The culmination of months of planning, dreams, and love. The gravity of the occasion settled upon her like a heavy veil. Suddenly, the joyous chaos transformed into a quiet intensity. She felt the weight of her commitment, the solemnity of the vows she was about to exchange.

In that moment, she asked you to leave the room. Perhaps she needed a private space to collect herself, to breathe, and to absorb the magnitude of what was unfolding. You went downstairs, waiting patiently, understanding the gravity of the situation

Colour photograph of a bride to be and her friend excited before the wedding
Colour photograph of a reflection in a golden mirror of the bride getting her makeup done before the wedding
Detail image of decoration at a bride's home before the wedding
Colour photograph of a bride to be and her sister excited before the wedding
Black and white photograph of the bride getting her hair done before the wedding
Black and White photograph of the groom getting his hair done in a barber shop before the wedding.
Black and white photograph of men in a barber shop
Black and white photograph in a church of the Bride at the altar
Colour photograph of the bride saying her vows at the altar with tears in her eyes.
Colour photograph of bridesmaids dressed in blue crying as vows are said
Colour photograph of an african bride smiling with joy at the altar
Detail of bride and groom holding hands during the wedding ceremony

And then, as she later walked down the aisle toward the altar, her fiancé waiting at the other end, the heaviness lifted. The nerves gave way to exhilaration. She was no longer just a bride; she was becoming a wife. The colours of the wedding — yellow, pink, and blue — symbolized hope, love, and fidelity. The blend of Nigerian and modern traditions wove a rich tapestry of heritage and contemporary love.

As a witness and documenter of this profound moment, my goal was to capture not only the external beauty but also the internal transformation. It was a privilege to be part of this journey—from the joyful chaos to the serene commitment. 🌟💕

documentary ottawa wedding photographer sara black and white
Nigerian Wedding celebration dance documentary photographer Sara

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Camera used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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