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I am ‘Photographer Sara’. I have lived and breathed Photography since childhood.

Apart from documenting weddings & portraits in Ottawa and beyond, you can find me drawing abstract kind of lines in the Bauhaus style, or spending time with my husband & three children exploring the Canadian wilderness.

If you are into Camera equipment, I am ready to chat with you, as I’ve experimented with everything from large format film to point-and-shoot Polaroids, as well as various digital cameras across the spectrum of brands.

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I look forward to telling Your Story.
Here’s mine…

(not in chronological order)




My first wedding photograph.

I’m particularly proud of this image as it is a true documentary image as I did not set anything up and it tells you a story of that moment in time. I was in my last year of high school in Brisbane, Australia in 1996 and my friend’s older sister was getting married. I took my Minolta Dynax 500si along with a roll of Ilford XP2 (black and white film), and I captured this image. My first-ever wedding photograph.

I processed the film and printed the photo myself in my home darkroom that occupied our downstairs bathroom under the house. You can see that I chose a sepia toning (quite popular at the time) and I needed to learn how to better clean my negatives and spot my prints.

Black and white film wedding photography flower girls


This is me at the age of two. My Father always had a camera around and as a result, my childhood was well documented. For as long as I can remember, he had a Nikon FE with a 50mm lens.

I asked for a camera for my 10th birthday. It was impossible for me to sleep the night before – I was beyond excited. Upon waking up that day, my family brought in gifts and I received a point-and-shoot 35mm film camera with a big orange shutter button. Each image I composed was carefully selected, as I usually only had a roll of film with 24 shots. I documented my toys, the neighbourhood cats and even took ‘advertising’ pictures of my ice cream.

I was in love.

Film to digital

My kindergarten portrait. This is the negative and contact photo stapled together since circa 1984. Film and prints and spending hours in the darkroom are where I feel at home.

Switching to digital was a challenge as I miss the hands-on process. Having full control of my final print was also important, so I’ve transitioned to printing with an Epson P900 and it is actually amazing to see the quality that is possible (and I don’t smell like chemicals all day long). This technical evolution has also thrown the door wide open to nearly infinite creative possibilities.

It’s exciting to see barriers lifted and access given to enable people to document the world around them from their perspective. For me, it means that I can provide more value to my clients with each new advance in technology.

Sara Atteby Kindergarten Australia
Ottawa wedding photographer sara reportage art documentary black and white


One of my favourite wedding images.

Peckham, London, UK. Taken with a Pentax 645 digital medium format camera. I love the movement and joy in this image. The light happened to fall on the bride and her father. I purposely used a slow shutter speed that was enough to catch the bride’s face as she embraced her father but left a blur for family and friends who were moving around them to capture the energy of the moment.

It’s hard to pick a favourite as each has a special story and I’ll rotate this image every now and again.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

After almost a decade of documenting weddings in London in the United Kingdom, I moved with my family to Canada and have recently settled in Ottawa. And my story continues…

Black and white documentary art wedding photographer bride

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