Cheryl + Marcus by Ottawa Wedding Photographer Sara

A blend of old-world charm and contemporary joy. Cheryl and Marcus’ intimate wedding ceremony was held at the historic pavilion hall at Dulwich College. The reception was a short journey up the road to a characterful Pub where the speeches were animated and the Gin was flowing. All photos by Ottawa Wedding Photographer Sara.

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Ottawa Wedding Photographer Couple Portrait

The pub’s shelves held an array of gins—each bottle a botanical journey. The juniper-infused elixir flowed freely, poured into crystal glasses. The clink of ice cubes accompanied toasts to love, to Cheryl and Marcus.

characterful pub, snug and inviting. Its walls spoke tales of countless gatherings, laughter, and shared pints. The wooden bar bore the marks of time, each scratch a memory. Marcus got ready here and then walked to the ceremony location together with his best man. I followed along on foot.

The choice of venue set the stage for their love story. Dulwich College, steeped in tradition, welcomed them with open arms. The pavilion hall, with its weathered beams and time-worn charm, became their sacred space.

The weather was perfect and dappled sunlight made for great photo opportunities of the couple after the ceremony. The positive summer energy shone from them both as they rejoiced after months of planning finally came to fruition.

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Camera used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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